Cloud HostedPBX - Our Core System provides you with one centralised tool to manage every phone handset on your system from DeskPhones to Mobiles.

Multisite Support - Link your offices, Home offices, or even international partners onto the one PBX System and operate seemlessly as if you were operating in the same location.

VoIP Handsets - We can supply all your handsets and manage them remotely if required. If you have existing handsets we are also happy to assist with setting them up onto our network.

Phone Number Porting - Keep your existing Phone Numbers and migrate them onto HostedPBX.

Staff Training - Every system is different and we provide you with training as required to achieve a seemless integration of your office needs.

1800/1300 Numbers - We can supply Toll Free numbers for your needs. We can also go to Auction to get a specific number for you if you for a specific need as we have with our 1800 VOIP4U number.

IVR Setup - Manage incoming calls and direct your customers to the right people in your organisation. This can include time specific checks to give you an after hours service that you can control right from your office.

Customised Music-on-Hold - Let your customers listen to advertisements or other recordings specific to your business. We also provide generic MoH too if you are happy to use that.

Voicemail - Voicemails can be emailed to you or stored to be picked up on your phone handset.

Price Route Checking - We have access to a number of different routes at different prices. We allow you to specify whether to utilise cheaper routes or stick to our most reliable routes, this helps cut costs while maintaining the best service for your business.